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Guest post: 10 Venue Tricks Every Organizer Should Know


Whether you’re organizing a large conference, a small business workshop or a fun social function, the venue and how familiar you are with its setup and staff will be an important component in making your event a success. These 10 tips will help you ward off any surprises when it comes to your event venue.
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Guest post: 3 Irreverent Methods to Kickstart Creativity

Breaking through the new media static requires an infusion of creativity; it’s essential that you differentiate your event concepts and marketing campaigns. But maintaining ingenuity is difficult. Here are some of my unconventional yet surefire methods for catalyzing creativity:
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Eventbrite Does Fashion at Project San Francisco


Last Thursday, Eventbrite held our own runway show in San Francisco to bring together the local fashion community and feature emerging artists. Eventbrite is a great tool for fashion event organizers to sell tickets and promote their events online. The event was sold out and went quite smoothly: here are my 5 key takeaways for hosting a great fashion event
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Guest post: Are you sabotaging your in-kind donations & sponsorship?


Lou has previously written about taking smart event risks and generating more revenue with smaller events. Today she covers in-kind donations and sponsorships. Here are her 7 steps to donation redemption. “Dear Wine Shop” the email began. “My boss told me to get beer sponsors for our upcoming event…”
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How Eventbrite's tracking links and charts made our SF event a success


Eventbrite’s Blinded by the Brite party over the weekend was a huge hit. We sold out the event with 850 people signed up and had to draw a hard line at closing registration, after releasing an additional 50 tickets, to ensure it wasn’t too crowded. Check out the photos on our Facebook page from the event and photobooth! I wanted to give an update on how I used Eventbrite’s back-end tracking tools to see where our attendees were coming from and the tangible impact that social sharing had on having a sold-out event.
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