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Run Your Running Event with a Team

SolanoTurkey Trot Freature Crop 6.21.11

With so many steps in planning a road race (or, any event), it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the duties we need to accomplish. Here are four ways to collaborate with other non-profits to get the job done.
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Making Boot Camp Social: Five Ways Craigslist Foundation Uses Social Media

Craigslist Bootcamp Feature 2 5.31.11

Craigslist Foundation is a social place by nature, and social media features heavily in how we operate. Here are a few ways we use social media to promote our event and our cause.
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This NPO Uses Social Media to "Rock": An Eventbrite Twitterview

Girls Who Rock Logo 5.26.11

Earlier today, we hosted our first interview conducted via Twitter. The minds behind Girls Who Rock discussed their NPO and how they use social media to engage their audience and share their mission.
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Eventbrite for Causes: One Year Anniversary

Eventbrite for Causes feature 9.22.11

It’s been one amazing year since we launched our nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes. As we reflect on positive feedback and success stories, it makes us proud to be empowering so many organizers who support such worthy causes…
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Vivanista.com webinar: "Expanding Your Fundraiser Beyond Your Community"


At Eventbrite, we love it when organizers push the envelope, experimenting with events even they weren’t sure they could pull off. And one of the best ways to do that is to expand beyond your local area. Think this just isn’t feasible for you? You might be surprised. Our friends at Vivanista recently hosted a webinar on this subject.
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