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Hosting Your Best (Boston) Marathon Fundraiser Party

Sara is not only a fundraising expert, but a Boston Marathon finisher.

Fundraiser parties are one of the best ways to expand your online fundraising and get your biggest supports in one place. Learn how to do it right with these tips from Sara, who ran the Boston Marathon for charity last year.
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Get Organized: 8 Questions To Kick Off Your Fundraising

Do a gut check. There are eight questions you need to ask your team before the gun goes off on your 2012 plan.

Before you plan your 2012 fundraising strategy, answer these 8 questions with your team to discover where your challenges and opportunities lie.
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#MyHeroIs Living Lindsay's Legacy


There is a time in a person’s life when becoming a hero is not a choice. It is something that must be done. This is one of those times.

Recent college graduates, Colleen Clark, Katy Tasker, Cacie Cave and their entire community suffered a devastating loss with the untimely passing of their friend…
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LLS Man and Woman of the Year: Candidates Fight Blood Cancer, one Event at a Time


What happens when you empower a group of 11 people, passionate about the fight against blood cancer, to raise the most amount of money they possibly can with a 10 week campaign? We’ll find out at the Grand Finale when the 2011 Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Man and Woman of the Year are announced!
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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief


Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone in Japan who has been affected by the earthquake. The Eventbrite team is collecting donations for tsunami relief efforts via ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.
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