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7 Things All Bostonians Should Do After Winter Storm Juno


Chances are good that Winter Storm Juno has driven you stir-crazy. While you sit inside waiting for the snow to settle, let us help you plot your plan of attack for conquering Boston post-storm!  Get Outside  “Boston Common in Winter” by Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism via CC BY-ND 2.0 Break out those sleds (or pizza
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My 2013 Challenge: An Event-Ful Year


Our Community Manager’s New Year’s Resolution, inspired by her 8th grade English teacher.
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From Drinks to Decor: Picking Your NYE Theme

Allison and Julia - Tartan & Sequins

Crystals, feathers and Gin Basil Smashes? Yes, please. The ladies of Tartan & Sequins share how they’d plan the ultimate New Year’s Eve soiree.
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Webinar: Greater Giving through Strategic Fundraising

Screen Shot 2012-10-26 at 2.51.05 PM

Eventbrite presents to you a guideline for successful fundraising events.  We’ll discuss fundraising best practices including dynamic pricing structures to maximize sales, how to create incentives for early ticket purchases, and how to create a marketing calendar to best accomplish your goals.  Then we’ll spend time sharing the true power of social media, and how
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Plan a Party That is More Fun, With Less Money

money_wallet Feature Crop 8.23.11

Here are five simple things to keep in mind when planning your party, that can help save you money for the big bash.
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