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Dress Up Your Event Page


Planning a New Year’s Eve event? These five easy steps will help you build an event page that is just as awesome as the event itself!
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Keep Track of Events You’re Interested In

Save to your list

By saving events you’re interested in to a list, you can see all the events you want to keep on your radar, and easily get back to that event page when you’re ready to buy tickets or register for the event.
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See Your Friends’ Events in Our Search Directory


When you search for events on Eventbrite’s directory on eventbrite.com, you’ll now see an additional tab for your Friends’ Events, listing the various upcoming events your friends have already registered for.
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Q&A with our Security Team

Eventbrite Security

At Eventbrite, we take privacy and security seriously. We caught up with our Head of Security to ask some of the top questions that customers ask our customer service team.
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The More You Know: Party Crashers Edition

party crashers _DC

What happens when your event falls victim to unwanted guests? We sat down with seasoned event organizer Diane Bisgeier to come up with our best practices for keeping the party crashers out of your next event!
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