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Organizers share tips at Eventbrite's Nonprofit Breakfast Seminar


As Eventbrite’s first Event Evangelist in San Francisco two of my primary objectives are to build awareness of Eventbrite in SF as well as support and foster the SF event organizer community. Today I hosted our first programming event as part of an effort to support a particular community we are quite passionate about: nonprofits. Eventbrite’s Nonprofit Breakfast Seminar was a workshop for NPOs to learn how to host a successful event for fundraising purposes.
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Guest post: Understanding Return on Fundraising Events


Event professionals have always had to deal with the pressure to please. More specifically, they have had to justify what their event is worth to event producers, executives, sponsors, and the public. Not everyone is able to see the inherent value. Especially in the post-AIG-retreat era, it has become vital to have evidence of your event’s value. This is especially true for fundraising events. However, defining a return on investment (ROI) is more complicated with fundraising events than just finding the difference between your revenue and expenses. The question about return on fundraising events (ROFE) lies in its definition. What factors need to be taken into account that are left out of its sister equations? And how should your producers, sponsors, and executives be viewing their investment?
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THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser series: Adding new markets proves a winning formula

THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser events are an impressive benefit series that have developed a national presence in a few short years. That expansion into new markets is no accident: it’s allowed the group to build engagement and keep prices at each event low (which in turn keeps them accessible to young attendees). We caught up with founder Nilo G. to hear more about the group’s winning formula, starting with their August 28th gathering in our hometown of San Francisco.
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Guest post: Top 10 tips for holding fundraisers

On Wednesday, July 21st, L.A.’s XAI Verandah Lounge will be the site of an awesome fundraiser called Big Kids Care. Aimed at the entertainment and celeb set, the event will raise both dollars and awareness for the SBC P.R.I.M.E. organization, which works to support at-risk youth with mentoring and community programs.
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San Francisco's LLS gala: a star-studded fundraiser

One event concept we’ve been featuring on the blog lately is the power of using celebrities for nonprofit events. It’s a strategy that has been around forever, and for good reason: there’s nothing like a big name for drawing attendees, and there’s nothing like a good cause for bringing names on board.
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