Keep Track of Events You’re Interested In

At Eventbrite, we spend a lot of time studying the factors that influence a person’s decision to buy tickets or register for an event. For example, we know you’re more likely to buy a ticket to an event if your friends are attending (no surprise there!). That’s why features like “Who’s Going” (which shows you who among your Facebook friends are attending an event on Eventbrite) are so powerful in driving incremental ticket sales and registration.

We also know that people often visit an event page more than once before placing their order. We’re excited to bring you the ability to save events you’re interested in, so you can quickly access them when you’re ready to purchase tickets.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for cool and interesting events and things to do. But often times, you’re not ready to buy tickets to events on the spot. You might need more time to learn about the event, check your calendar to see if you’re free, or see if your friends want to join you.

By saving the event to a list, similar to a bookmark or wish list, you can see all the events you want to keep on your radar, and easily get back to that event page when you’re ready to buy tickets or register for the event.

Just click on the “Save This Event” button located on all event pages. You don’t even have to create an Eventbrite account — simply connect to Facebook, you’ll be able to save and access your list of events from any event page. You can also see how many other people have saved a particular event to their list.

To see your list of saved events, visit any event page on Eventbrite and click the link below the “Save This Event” button and it will open up a window with all your saved events. If you don’t see your list, double check that you’re logged in.

Procrastinators beware — this feature doesn’t save you a ticket or a spot in line. The only way you’re guaranteed entry into an event is when you purchase a ticket or register, so don’t wait too long!

It’s only available on for our US users, but we’ll be rolling it out to all of our sites soon. So, go ahead and explore our directory for some interesting events you might want to check out and save it to your list. Share your thoughts (and the cool events you save) below!

UPDATE: This is now available on all Eventbrite sites. We also send an email with your saved events so you can keep track of your list of events and buy tickets or register when you’re ready.