Eventbrite adds new repeating events feature

Eventbrite is excited to announce a brand-new repeating events feature. We now support events that repeat but do not follow a regular schedule. In other words, eventholders are no longer limited to setting daily, monthly, or weekly repeats; instead, a user can now specify that a repeat event occurs on any combination of dates and times. So you’ll be able to set events at random intervals, or even multiple events within a single day!

Using the new feature is simple. When creating a new event, head over to Step 4, “Add When.” This is still the initial page you’ll see:

But now, when you check the box for “Yes, this event repeats,” you’ll see a new “Other” option appear below “Daily,” “Monthly,” and “Weekly.” Selecting this will allow you to specify specific dates and times, at any intervals, for your event to repeat:

Add a few new dates and times, and the result will look something like this:

We’re thrilled about the additional options this will give our eventholders. We think it will be particularly useful for entertainment and workshop/seminar-type events, but we expect it will add major flexibility in all event categories!