Eventbrite Partners with Global Poverty Project to Raise Awareness of Poverty Crisis


1.4 billion people live in extreme poverty each and every day. That’s helped inspire Eventbrite to work with the Global Poverty Project to eradicate extreme poverty within one generation.
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Planning Perfect Fundraisers for Sponsors and Partners

Simple can be successful. Causecast hosted "Cause on the Rocks" where 100% of proceeds from one signature drink went to charity.

Throwing a successful fundraiser is more than just sending an invite. It has to raise money. Here’s how to do it.
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Fundraising Tips: How to Measure Success and Accountability

If you're not at 50% of your fundraising goal at the half-way mark, start planning ways to get on the fast track.

Your team has to set goals, track the work and measure success over time. But what is important for your organization to measure?
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Engaging Sponsors for Long-Term Partnerships

There are multiple factors Eventbrite considers when looking into potential partnerships.

So, your foot is in the door, or you’ve at least reached a live person via the phone. Now what?
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Cancer + Kickboxing = One First-Time Event Planner's Journey

jennie crop

My friend Jennie is planning her first event, a day of fitness classes to raise money for a boy battling cancer. I want to share Jennie’s tale, to show that you don’t have to be a seasoned event veteran in order to make a difference!
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