Eventbrite for Causes: One Year Anniversary

Eventbrite for Causes feature 9.22.11

It’s been one amazing year since we launched our nonprofit program, Eventbrite for Causes. As we reflect on positive feedback and success stories, it makes us proud to be empowering so many organizers who support such worthy causes…
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Q & A with #ChiHelpsJapan: Social Media for Social Good


On the morning of March 11th, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the news reports of the devastating earthquake in Japan. My immediate thought was, “What can I do?” so I tweeted from my @BriteChicago account and asked if anyone wanted to combine forces and hold a fundraiser. Within minutes, I heard from Sami…
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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief


Our thoughts and hearts go out to everyone in Japan who has been affected by the earthquake. The Eventbrite team is collecting donations for tsunami relief efforts via ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by disaster worldwide.
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Brite DFW's Brite Summer Nites: A great event with lessons for any event planner

EB Wall Group

Last Thursday marked the first in a series of events that Eventbrite DFW will be hosting in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, in appreciation of our top eventholders and as an introduction to DFW’s top movers and shakers in the events community. The Brite Summer Nites Velvet Rope party was a smash success and guests are still talking about how much fun they had, and how they can’t wait for the next one. If the pictures are any indication, this was one event you didn’t want to miss!
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BriteOrange: BriteSF's first bash for top Bay Area event organizers


On Wednesday night, BriteSF hosted our first big appreciation party for the Bay Area event planning community. Eventbrite’s top organizers were invited to attend the first of many future Velvet Rope events – designed for our top users as a “thank-you” for being both users and advocates of Eventbrite in their communities. The event was held at swank pop-up venue vitaminwater social club and featured two floors of drinks, food and fun.
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