Meet Your Next Volunteer Opportunity: Do Right, Be Brite!


Learn more about our latest non-profit initiative. It’s like matchmaking for causes, and we can’t wait to set you up!
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Parisian Planning


During my recent vacation, I realized that at their core, many of the skills we use while traveling are actually tactics to keep in mind when planning events.
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Oh, Canada! #IMCTweetup Brings Ironman Tweeters Face-to-Face


Swim, bike, run, tweet. I organized a Tweetup to bring together the athletes that used Twitter to share training experiences for Ironman Canada. See what happened!
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Friday's Featured Photos: You Could Be Next!


Just another week of fun and fullfilling events for Eventbrite’s Evangelists. From Tweet-Ups to triathlons, our Event Evangelist are there ready and willing to take your picture – Prepare accordingly.
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The President Learns from the Mom. The Mom Learns from the President.

julia_hartz Feature Image

Julia Hartz tells us that only a few moments each morning separate her from being a stellar, working, do-it-all mother getting her child to preschool on time, and the harried, doing-too-much mother who rolls up tardy. Can you relate?
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