Fitness #BriteResolutions


Does this new year equate to a new you? And are physical health goals at the top of that list? Fitness and health-related achievements are typically at the top of most “resolution” lists. But instead of attempting to convert into a gym rat, another way to get and stay active is checking out a local
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Hurricane Sandy Relief


Let’s rally together and show the East Coast we’re here for them as they recover from Hurricane Sandy.
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What Inspires You? Our PR Maven Talks TED


I was lucky enough to attend the TED@SXSW presentation, and let me tell you…it was magical.
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8 Reasons Your New Year’s Resolutions Fail (And How to Beat Them)

The pen is mightier than the slump: Write down and post your goals so that they stay top-of-mind.

It’s do-or-die time for those New Year’s Resolutions. Here are a few hurdles you may face, and what you can do to avoid them.
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Share Your Event Horror Stories!

Friday 13

Celebrate bad luck on Friday the 13 by sharing your event horror stories in our comments section.
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