Build a Custom Event Page in 6 Steps

Creating a custom event page requires a bit of HTML and CSS know-how, or a little help from the Eventbrite Design Team. In my previous post I gave you tips on how to create your own custom event page. Since then we have made some changes to our ‘create an event’ feature. Here are some new and hopefully easier steps in creating a great custom page.

Step One: This is where the fun starts. Log in or sign up for for an Eventbrite account.
Note our slick new logo and our awesome new Create Flow—more on this in step two.

Step Two: Depending on when you started using Eventbrite, you may be seeing our old Create Flow. Click on “Give it a try” to edit your event in our new Create Flow (if you already see this, congratulations you can move on to the next step). This will make it easier to follow these steps.

Step Three: Upload all images you intend to use on your event page. In the ADD YOUR EVENT DETAILS tab locate the little tree icon.

This is where you will upload your images. All images associated with your account will have a URL that will look similar to this:
When you see prompts in the provided CSS to INSERT IMAGE URL HERE refer to these links.

Step Four: Get the custom HTML/CSS code from here. Copy all of the text. Go back to your edit page and hit PREVIEW & APPEARANCE. Click on ADD HTML. Paste your copied code into the window.

Step Five: Insert your images in the spaces marked INSERT IMAGE URL HERE to place your background and or header image and click SAVE. At this point you should see your page starting to take shape. You can get really creative by creating your own backgrounds. Smashing Magazine is a great resource for background images or background patterns.

Step Six: After you have had fun dressing up your event page you may want to take some time to include all of your event details and ticket information. Once all your information is you will be ready to share your event with the world by publishing your event page.

I hope you all have successful (sold out) events!