Pump Up Your Fitness Brand and Business with Eventbrite

Heaven & Hell Run/Yoga Night

Ever thought about teaching your own fitness classes? BriteBoston shares her tips for adding fuel to your brand and business with Eventbrite!
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Briten Up Your Event With Bloggers!

Brite Break

This post is the first in our ‘Briten Up’ series, written by our Event Evangelists (EE’s), who help organizers in their cities create more successful events. First up, Sara, our Boston EE, shares how and why to include bloggers in your event organization plan!
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Hosting Your Best (Boston) Marathon Fundraiser Party

Sara is not only a fundraising expert, but a Boston Marathon finisher.

Fundraiser parties are one of the best ways to expand your online fundraising and get your biggest supports in one place. Learn how to do it right with these tips from Sara, who ran the Boston Marathon for charity last year.
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New Year's Eve House Party: How Eventbrite Can Help

Boston 2 11.28.11 Feature Crop

Sure, Eventbrite is an awesome place to find out about NYE blowout bashes, but did you know it’s also a pretty great place to host your at-home New Year’s Eve get-together, too?
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Wicked Boston Party Themes

Boston feature 11.10.11

One thing that’s sure to “hit the ball out of Fenway Park” for your event is coming up with a theme. Here are some ideas to get you started.
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