Keep Track of Events You’re Interested In

Save to your list

By saving events you’re interested in to a list, you can see all the events you want to keep on your radar, and easily get back to that event page when you’re ready to buy tickets or register for the event.
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Find Events on the Go


You can now easily find local events, register and purchase tickets from the Eventbrite app on your iPhone!
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Can’t attend a free event? Cancel your order!

Cancel Free Order

Have you ever hosted a free event? Then you know what it’s like. People register for free events just to hold a spot and decide later whether or not to attend. That’s why we released a new feature this week that allows attendees to cancel their order if they decide not to attend a free event.
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See Who’s Going to the Event


It’s no surprise that one of the most critical factors is actually knowing who’s attending the event. That’s why we’re excited to roll out this feature that unleashes the power of social media to answer that age-old question of “who’s going to the event?” and promote even more sharing and event registrations.
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Spring Cleaning for My Tickets

My Tickets

It’s spring here in our San Francisco HQ and we’ve been busy with our version of spring cleaning. In March, we unveiled our new homepage design. After hearing all of your positive feedback (thanks!), we’re out with the old and in with another new page design.
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