Product Update: Easy Entry App is now Entry Manager

Our Easy Entry app is known named Entry Manager, to eliminate confusion for attendees and clarify it's a tool to help you manage the door.

Our Easy Entry app is now named Entry Manager, to eliminate attendee confusion and help you manage the door at your event.
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Your Android Phone Just Got a Whole Lot More Powerful

Android 11.16.11

This week, we’re launching our first version of the Easy Entry App for Android, something that you’ve eagerly waited for since the launch of our popular iPhone version of the application.
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iPhone App v2.5 Launches with Exciting New Features


Since we introduced the Eventbrite Easy Entry app in May of 2010, many Eventbrite users have adopted it as their event check-in solution. The barcode scanning feature in particular has empowered Eventbrite organizers, and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of check-ins using the app. It’s also surfaced the need for a few new features, which we’ve implemented in our latest update.
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